Outcome-Based Assessment and Saudi National Qualifications Framework: An Evaluation of English-Major’s Summative Examinations

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Aligning assessment practices with instructional and learning strategies trigger deep learning. However, research confirms that some language teaching contexts do not moderate a positive association between assessment methods and course learning outcomes (CLOs). This research attempted to examine the congruence between assessment task designs and CLOs of an English-major program in a Saudi public university and evaluate the authenticity of the tasks. To seek answers for the research questions, final examination marked papers of nine randomly selected courses were evaluated. The study used a documentary research method. The question papers underwent both quantitative and qualitative analysis. The results evinced inconsistencies in assessment task designing and marking styles across the courses. The tasks were invalid and unauthentic, and they did not match CLOs. Therefore, suggestions are presented that the assessment practices should be revisited to stop assessment tempering in the interest of observable and sustainable academic achievements.


1-Muhammad Umer
Assistnt Professor, Department of English, Islamia College University Peshawar, Kpk, Pakistan.

2-Abdul Fattah Soomro
Associate Professor, English language Centre, Taif University, Taif, Saudi Arabia.


Assessment Tasks, Authenticity, Critical Thinking, Learning Outcomes, Quality Assurance

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IV - I

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Published: Jun 2019

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