Difficulties in Written Communication Faced by the Students of Commerce: A Study Conducted at Graduate Level (B.Com)

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The purpose of this paper is to highlight difficulties the students of Bachelor of commerce (B.Com) face in written communication. During the final year of B.com they study the subject of business communication focused on business correspondence. The major barrier for the students is their inability to use syntax correctly. For this purpose data were collected from 125 randomly selected students form institutes of commerce education in Bahawlapur using untimed grammaticality judgment test. This test was proposed by Rod Ellis (2005) and Erlam (2006) consisting of seventeen challenging grammatical structure. The result showed that majority of students were unable to use correctly the basic structure of English language syntax in their writing. In the posttest interviews they shared that they did not learn these basic structure of English ever in their academic career as they were forced to cram materials.


1-Muhammad Riaz
Lecturer, Department of English, Government College of commerce Lodhran, Punjab, Pakistan.

2-Sana Gul
MPhil. Scholar, Northern University, Nowshera, KP, Pakistan.


Written Communication, Business Communication, ESL, Grammar, Morphological structure, Syntactical Structure

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Published: Dec 2016

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