A Comparative Study of L2 Motivation of English and Chinese Languages using Dörnyei's L2 Motivational Self System Framework at University Level Students

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The objective of this study is to find out the contribution of Dörnyei’s L2 motivational self-system framework for English and Chinese language learning motivation. It has been used as a conceptual model to find the motivation level of language learners. The study was conducted using the quantitative research approach. The sample comprised 100 English language learners and 100 Chinese language learners belonging to the public institutes of Dist. Lahore. Data was collected using two quantitative survey questionnaires. One questionnaire was used for the learners of the English language, and the other one was used for the learners of the Chinese language. The analysis of the data was done through SPSS software to find the answers to the study. The findings revealed that “L2 learning experience and Ideal L2 self” are the significant contributors to English language learning motivation rather than “ought to L2 self”. In contrary to that, “Ideal L2 self”, “ought to l2 self," and “L2 learning experience” is not the strongest contributor of Chinese language learning as compared to the English language. The findings recommend that students’ motivation can be enhanced by teaching quality of language learning centers and associated teachers should utilize various motivational techniques such as “ideal L2 self, ought toL2 self and L2 learning experience” to inspire their students to learn English and Chinese language effectively.


1-Muhammad Faisal
Faculty English, Department of English, Virtual University of Pakistan, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

2-Rana Imran Ali
Faculty English, Department of English, Virtual University of Pakistan, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

3-Muhammad Imran
Schools of Foreign Languages, Shanghai University, China.


Ideal L2 self, Ought to L2 self and L2 Learning Experience

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Published: 12 2021

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