Test Phobia of IELTS and its Remedy

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English acquisition as a second language (ESL) has been a Herculean task for students generally. When it comes specifically to IELTS, it seems to be the most difficult assessment of life because students’ level of English do not meet the IELTS requirements due to incorrect local practices; either due to unconducive environment or social factors for which the best way out is rephrasing the text, getting used to standard English, majoring appropriate use of tense, lack of familiarity with standard accents. Hence, presentation of opinions and variety of vocabulary with it aspects of synonyms and antonyms produce a better result in scoring respectable bands in IELTS.


1-Sadeeq Akbar
M.Phil Scholar, Department of English, Northern University, Nowshehra, KP, Pakistan.

2-Shams ul Islam
Independent Researcher

3-Muhammad Uzair Yousaf
Independent Researcher


Statement Rephrasing, Opinion Presentation, familiarity of accents, IELTS

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Published: Dec 2017

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