An Analysis of the Political Slogans in Pakistan from the Perspective of Rhetoric

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The skillful usage of language by politicians in a persuasive manner holds great significance in the politics of democratic states. This paper attempts to study the diplomatic use of catchy and attractive political slogans to convince the voters to vote for them. Political slogans chanted in the processions of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League-Noon (PML-N) during the 2018 general election campaign were recorded. These slogans served as the data which was analyzed from the perspective of rhetoric by using Hosu and Pavelea’s (2009) model. It was revealed that political slogans are composed persuasively by employing various rhetorical devices like rhyme, alliteration, repetition,synonyms, antonyms, statements, commands, questions, negative, optative sentences. It was also found that political slogans play an important role in convincing and gaining public support. Moreover, these slogans are tactfully formulated as linguistic means for propagating the ideas and visions of politicians.


1-Aiman Gul Akram
Lecturer, Department of English, Women University Mardan, KP, Pakistan

2-Liaqat Iqbal
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan, KP, Pakistan.


Persuasive Language, Slogans, Political Slogans, Rhetoric

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Published: 12 2021

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