Eccentricity and Conformity in Toni Morrison's A Sula: The Struggle for Life in a Patriarchal Society

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The present research investigates the struggle of female entities throughout their lives in a maledominated society, either acting in congruity or incongruity with the norms and set patterns of the society in order to get societal acceptance or to assert their sovereign individual-selves. The American society that is full of discrimination victimizes the race of Blacks in general and Black women in particular. As a result, the oppressed and subjugated woman has suffered as the 'Other' in American society during and after the era of slavery. The present research has delineated the existential conflicts of the Black female and the submissive or assertive behaviors they adopt to survive as free individuals. It is a qualitative research of Toni Morrison’s novel that has been critically analyzed. The novel, A Sula has been analyzed by using the lens of the Feminist Conceptual Framework, and feminine existential issues have been discussed under the umbrella of Feminist Existentialism. The present study is expected to be a significant one because it highlights different situations of the individuals in which they can redirect their destiny by actively participating as 'subjects' or passively submitting as 'Objects'.


1-Mashhood Anjum
Lecturer in English, Government College University Faisalabad, Layyah Campus, Punjab, Pakistan.

2-Raheel Rehman Khan
Lecturer in English, Government College University Faisalabad, Layyah Campus, Punjab, Pakistan.

3-Yasir Khan
Assistant Professor, Government College, Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan.


Feminism, Feminist Existentialism, The Struggle for Females, Black Women

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VI - I

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Published: 03 2021

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