Examining the Functions of Graphological Deviation in Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

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The way Rivers presents her content in her renowned novel “Redeeming Love” is the motivation behind this research. Francine Rivers has used graphological deviation in this novel in a very innovative way-which not only invokes specific effects but marks her style as well. So, the paper attempts to examine the functions this stylistic technique has performed in this novel. For the analysis, a mixed-method approach has been used, where preference is given to qualitative data. Techniques and strategies of presentation and analysis of data are borrowed from Leech and Short (2007) and Michael Tool an (2014). The analysis reveals that the author has consciously used graphological deviation in this novel to complement her linguistic choices. She has used bold plus italic typeface to represent the voice of God,bold typeface to represent Satan’s voice, italics to highlight significant utterances and deviant full stop to give phonological realization to specific messages.


1-Aisha Naseem
Department of English, The Women University Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.

2-Mubina Talaat
Department of English, The Women University Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.


Graphological Deviation, Stylistic Variant, Normative Choice, Inspirational Fiction, Stylistic Value

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112 –125

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Published: 12 2021

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