Extension and Continuation of the Colonized Misrepresentation of the Pakhtun Society: An Analysis of the selected Narrative

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There has always been a huge debate about the misrepresentation of Pakhtuns. Pakhtuns have always been depicted as barbaric, exotic and uncivilized. Such kind of depiction disenfranchised their actual image throughout the world. Such misrepresentation basically paralyzed the identity and image of the said community. The present study explores Saidian' Co-Optation'' (self-orientalism) as a concept, following the footsteps of colonizers and contributing to the cultural misrepresentation of Pakhtuns. The primary text for the research is The Wandering Falcon (2011) by Jamil Ahmad. Such sort of misrepresentation carries different meanings andserves multiple purposes for the colonizers. The uni-polar, stereotypical and generalized misrepresentation unquestionably clouded the image of Pakhtuns. The research method used for the analysis of the selected text is textual analysis. It argues that howthe said work is keeping the promises of the colonizers to misrepresent their own people. The present study also highlights that how Pakhtuns are still under colonial suppression and are misrepresented by their own people.


1-Muhammad Zahid
Research Scholar

2-Muhammad Arif
Lecturer, Department of English, NUML, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

3-Humaira Riaz
City University of Science and IT, Peshawar, KP, Pakistan.


Co-Optation, Pakhtuns, The Wandering Falcon, Misrepresentation, Jamil Ahmad

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Published: Mar 2022

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