Hybridization Within Single Words: An Analysis of the Formation of English- Pashto Lexical Hybrids In Pashto Spoken Discourse

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In bi/multilingual societies, the process of code-mixing and language hybridization holds great significance. The present study attempts to examine the process of language hybridization in the Pashto local context. The purpose of the study is to show that code-mixing of English lexical items in Pashto spoken discourse has resulted in the formation of English-Pashto lexical hybrids. Research data was collected through observation and television programs in the Pashto language. Data is analyzed by using Kachru's model of code-mixing of English in Hindi, where Unit Hybridization is applied, which isfurther added by the Sarwet Rasul model. Based on the research data, it was revealed that the English code mixed words in the Pashto language are mostly nouns. These words, when used by Pashto speakers, are made hybrid by adding different types of Pashto suffixes. The findings also revealed that because of the prestige factor attached, English words are used in Pashto spoken discourse which shows morphological deviations because of the influence of the mother tongue, i.e., Pashto language.


1-Aiman Gul Akram
Lecturer, Department of English, Women University Mardan, KP, Pakistan.

2-Liaqat Iqbal
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan, KP, Pakistan


Code-mixing, Language Hybridization, English Language, Pashto Language

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VI - I

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Published: 03 2021

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