Reconstructing Identity: Self-fashioning in City of Spies by Sorayya Khan

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Current Study analyzes the reconstruction strategies of identity adopted by the protagonist in City of spies by keeping the idea of self-fashioning by Greenblatt. The qualitative methodology has been used for analysis in the present research. The primary source of data is Sorayya Khan's novel City of Spies. Data analysis includes the self-fashioning of the protagonist according to the dominant culture of her surroundings.The researcher has analyzed the data related to self-fashioning and factors that promote the protagonist's self-fashioning and identity crisis, drawing upon Greenblatt's theory of self-fashioning. Greenblatt sees authority preserve identity and self-fashioning in society. Greenblatt believes in the powerful consequence of identity formation and self-fashioning.This current examination endeavors to see identity through the viewpoint of self-fashioning and its ensuing impact on awareness, prompting an identity formation of the protagonist.


1-Sajid Hussain
Lecturer in English, Government Graduate College, Chowk Azam Layyah, Punjab, Pakistan.

2-Muhammad Ali
Lecturer in English, Government Graduate College, Chowk Azam Layyah, Punjab, Pakistan.

3-Muhammad Ahmad Javed
Lecturer in English, Kaims International Law College Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.


Self-Fashioning, Self-Identity, Cultural Identity, Postmodernism

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136‒ 147

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Published: Mar 2022

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