Style In Literature: A Stylistics Analysis of the Poem "The Sari" by Moniza Alvi

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This paper probes a stylistic analysis of poem of eminent Pakistani English Poetess Moniza Alvi. The well-known poem by Moniza Alvi is titled"The Sari." Alvi received a Cholmondeley Award for Poetry in 2002, and Bloodaxe released Alvi'sretrospective collection, Split World: Poems 1990–2005,in 2008. Her voice is restrained, indirect, fantastical,kind, and unique. She possesses a special understanding of cultural and emotional splits. Here,the researcher tries to approach Alvi's poetry "The Sari"from the perspective of stylistics. The paper also analyses the poems using linguistic methods in order to elucidate their meaning. It is significant to emphasize that many who teach and research the English language and literature find stylistics to be a very helpful scientific field. Whether English is your first language, second language, or third, stylistics can help native English speakers as well as overseas students.Both linguistic and literary talents can be acquired.


1-Marina Khan
Lecturer in English, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, KP, Pakistan.

2-Saddam Ul Islam
MPhil. Scholar, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, KP, Pakistan.

3-Sanaa Malaikah Noor
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Islamia College Peshawar, KP, Pakistan


Stylistic Analysis, Language Features, The Sari

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Published: Mar 2022

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