The Impact of Communicative Language Teaching: A Study at University Level in Bahawalpur

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Communicative language teaching (CLT) stresses communication as a medium and as the mainobjective of language education, a multilingual and international language teaching method.Communication is also a way to teach foreign languages and stresses communication as a means andprimary language learning goal. The aim of the study is to explore the impact of communicativelanguage teaching of BS students. It also recognizes the reasons why there are no proficient speakersof the English language even after the use of the communicative teaching method (Rababah, 2002).Afive-point Likert scale was used in the questionnaires that were filled by 183 students of The IslamiaUniversity and GSC women university of Bahawalpur. The findings reveal that communicativelanguage teaching is the completely suitable and perfect strategy to be applied in classrooms whenteaching a second or foreign language. Due to certain factors, it is unable to produce proficientspeakers of the English language.


1-Shehla Ilyas
Subject Specialist Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development, Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan

2-Abdul Khaliq
Assistant Professor, Department of Social and Allied Sciences, Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan

3-Rasheed Ahmad
Visiting Lecturer, Department of English Literature, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan


Communicative Language Teaching, Assessment, Effects, Impact and Proficient

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Published: 03 2021

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