Schooling the Souls of the Savages: Theme of Negative Stereotyping in Native American Play

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The present article deals with the theme of negative stereotyping in the backdrop of identity and representation in Native American drama with special reference to Scott Momaday's The Indolent Boys, The Moon in Two Windows, and Howe & Gordon's Indian Radio Days. By assuming an explicit postcolonial angle, these plays consciously subvert the project of negative stereotyping of the natives by employing the ideological vocabulary of the mainstream Euro-American discourse. In this way, the native American drama has become a significant site of deconstructing the binary of 'us' and 'them' by reversing the logic of imperialism and by resisting against the exploitative history of colonization.


1-Asma Aftab
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Government College University Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan.

2-Sadia Akram
Lecturer, Department of English, Government College University, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan.


Eurocentrism, Negative Stereotyping, Native American Plays, Savages

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Published: 06 2021

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